About us

Created by a partnership between BNS Data Logistics and Netstar Products

At BNS Netstar, we believe in the power of connectivity. Founded in 2010, we embarked on a mission to revolutionize the networking landscape by bringing together products from leading brands in the field of integrated A/V applications.

From video conferencing solutions for offices, dynamic advertising displays for stadiums, to innovative video display integrations in sports bars and advanced home automation with A/V integration – we cover a broad spectrum of solutions designed for the modern world. Our comprehensive portfolio extends to include switches, routers, and PDUs for high-end audio/video installations, telecommunication, and home automation. And with a special emphasis on the pioneering brand, Niveo Professional, we ensure a blend of quality and performance in our offerings.

But our vision goes beyond merely providing products. We are at the forefront of ‘Technovation for Human Experience’ – our ethos that drives us to develop innovative networking and connectivity solutions. Solutions that do not just meet but enhance the end-user experience, marrying technology and innovation to improve everyday lives.

Join us on this journey of innovation and discovery.

Welcome to BNS Netstar, where technology meets human experience.